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Michael's Genealogy 

& Brevard County History Blog  

Explore the world of genealogy and discover interesting historical facts about Brevard County, FL with genealogy librarian Michael Boonstra

Belle's Letters  

A collection of family letters, papers, and photos of Arabella Maria "Belle" Tisdale Booksh (1855-1934)

Journal & Diary of F. W. Munson

Frank W. Munson (1857-1919) A Florida Pioneer

Pennsylvania German Magazine

Here you will find TWO copies of the The Pennsylvania-German Magazine. The first copy is July 1909 and the second copy is December 1910.  In the Links you will find a connection the the entire 12 months of 1910 at Google.

Barbee Research

A Study of the BARBEE Families of Chatham, Orange and Wake Counties in North Carolina 

The Canadian Lysters

   ...a correct and authentic record of all those descended from the Lyster family of Queens County, Ireland, who bear, or have born the name of Lyster in America during the 19th century. 

Searching For Family

There are 4871 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Barbee, William in 1660. Webmaster -- Linda Thompson. 


There are 1023 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Jensen, Jens in 1732. Webmaster -- Linda Thompson 

Tiller/Turelure and Covey

There are 1416 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Covey, William in 1625. Webmaster -- Linda Thompson. 

Hampton Family History & Research

This site is slightly dated, but still contains valuable information on the Hamptons. 

Baylor Brothers

This is a story of Wainwright F. Baylor, his brother Lewis S. Baylor and their brother-in-law Frederick Taylor and how the Civil War affected their lives.

Lavinia and Wainwright

This is a tale of a runaway marriage of a very young woman to a man held to be a scoundrel by some of her relatives, a dispute over property and the legal wranglings of the court system.

The Packwood Murders

A collection of newspaper articles reporting the Packwood Murders and the following  trial.  Compiled by Jim and Bonnie Garmon

Cottrell and White Genealogy

TC Cottrell and Thana White Cottrell   321 543-4032