BGS Photos

November 13, 2023 First Meeting upstairs in Genealogy Department

Sharon Eller

How to Trace Your Native American Heritage


November 11, 2023      Senior Life    Boomer Expo


October 9, 2023   ~~~~~ Follow the Breadcrumbs presented by Yolanda Lifter

September 11, 2023   ~~~~ Brick Walls and Nibbles

What a group and check out the nibbles!!

Joan Bullard

Barbara Bradley


August 14, 2023 Workshop

How Do I Know if it is Fake or Authentic Native American Jewelry by Sharon Eller

Heirloom Inventory by Barbara Bradley

July 10, 2023 Tour of the Genealogy Department 

at the Catherine Schweinsberg Rood Library

April 8, 2023      Bingo Day 


Indian River Family History Conference March 25, 2023

Louann Creasy and Ellie Connick

Barbara Bradley

Susan Campbell

Lori and Mike Farlow

Laura Blackmon