Brevard County War Dead





The Memorial Wall, located on the campus of Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa, Florida, has inscribed a list of the names of those who have given their lives in support of American freedom. Service men and women from World War I through the current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan are recognized on the wall. This memorial wall is a part of the George F. Schlatter Veterans Memorial Amphitheater on Eastern Florida State College campus. Built in 1982, the amphitheater has been the scene of the Massing of the Colors for the last 27 years, held in remembrance of the past and present veterans who have served their country.

Several years ago, we copied the names inscribed on the wall and searched the Internet for all the information we could find on each individual. We soon discovered that not all the names on the wall could be found on the National Archives web site or on any other official or private web site. We also found other individuals who were listed as Brevard County residents or who claimed a location in Brevard County as their hometown but were not listed on the wall. Accordingly, we have set our own criterion for which names to list here. We have been very liberal in our definition of a Brevard County veteran. Generally, we have listed all the names inscribed on the Memorial Wall, all the names we found listed by official U. S. Government web as residents of Brevard County, all those with a hometown located in the county, and all those whose obituary could be found in the local newspapers.

This is the story of those whose names are inscribed on the Wall of Recognition. It is a collection of facts from the National Archives, facts and tales from private websites, and obituaries and articles published in Brevard County's Cocoa Tribune, Today and Florida Today newspapers.

Research, compilation and formatting by Jim and Bonnie Garmon. Lynn Pickett, of Brevard Community College, inspired this project. We thank her for her enthusiastic support. This document is for non-profit use only. All material marked as published by the Cocoa Tribune, Today or Florida Today is covered by copyright laws and are the property of the respective owners. Any comments or questions concerning these materials can be directed to We sincerely thank the management for their kind permission to reprint them here.

Brevard Genealogical Society gives their thanks to Jim and Bonnie Garmon for their work in collecting all of this information and making it available to the public. These pages were last updated in 2015 by Jim Garmon. If anyone has more information about those who are enshrined on the Memorial Wall and would like to share that information please contact ..