Welcome to Brevard Genealogical Society

The Society meets at 9:30 A.M. on the second Monday of each month at the Catherine Schweinsberg Rood Central Library (Central Brevard Library & Reference Center), 308 Forrest Avenue, Cocoa, Florida, in one of their two auditoriums. Pre-planned programs are normal except for June, July, and August when general workshops are the usual venue.

Visitors are always welcome.

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The primary purpose of the Society is educational. To this end, it shall strive to provide educational courses, workshops, and seminars to the membership and public at large on methods and standards of genealogical research; stimulate interest in the recording of family history; establish and maintain a library for genealogical research in the Central Brevard area; publish materials of genealogical interest, and work with other organizations with similar goals.

Please check our calendar for future activities including meetings, programs, and seminars. 

We also want our members and viewers to be able to research for Brevard County information and to enhance their family tree. Currently, we are revising our site to organize, consolidate and expand our current content.

 You can benefit greatly by being or becoming a member of our society. As a member, you will also help ensure the society will be able to provide future programs and workshops to help you extend your family history.