The Transcription

The transcription was created from the Family History Library microfilm. The film was fairly clean and easy to read. Both the census and the mortality transcriptions include all the information (columns of data) that were on the forms.

The space allowed to record the names was apparently too short as the census recorder generally squeezed the names in and sometimes they ran over into the next column. Surnames were usually written only once, for the head of household, and then dittoed for the other family members. Names were crossed checked with the 1885 Florida State Census Index , (indexed and published by William T. and Patricia Martin, 1991), the 1878, 1880, and 1882 voter lists, and marriage lists. The names were transcribed as written in the census, but notes were either added in the Remarks column or a second spelling was indexed along with the transcribed spelling in the index of names.

Abbreviations used for first names, occupations, and birthplaces were also transcribed as written.

Although each census page was signed with the name "W. R. Sanders" as enumerator, he did not sign them all, if any. The handwriting is by several different persons, including his signature. That meant we had to interpret different handwritings. Some of the problems included distinguishing certain capital letters, as follows

F and J - These were different, but one had to pay attention.
T and F - The writer did not always cross the F.
L and S - These caused a lot of problems.
I and J - These also caused much difficulty. They were most often interpreted as an J.

The writer did not always cross the small t. It was often very difficult to separate small m, n, r, s, and the vowels from each other.

The user should take these problems into consideration when looking at the names. The user would be more familiar with them than the transcribers were.

Other problems or omissions by the census recorder are noted in the Remarks column.

Be sure to read the instructions to the census takers which also includes the full wording of the column headings. Instructions for the mortality schedule are at the beginning of that file.