Mortality Schedule

The mortality schedule lists those who died during the year before the census was taken. The transcription is a combination of two pages, 412 and 413. Be sure to scroll all the way to the right of the attached spreadsheet.

The following are the notes printed on the census forms as instructions for the Census takers:

 Note A: The Census Year begins June 1, 1884, and Ends May 31, 1885.

 Note B: In making entries in columns 6, 7, and 8, an affirmative mark only will be used, thus / , except in the case of Divorced persons, column 8, when the letter "D" is to be used. [Note - slash mark (/) replaced with S, M, or W as appropriate.]

 Note C: For instructions relative to the entries in column 14, see back of this Schedule.

 Note D: In column 17, note distinctly if no Physician was in attendance thus (None).
[Remarks: The first column lists the line numbers (1-36) that were printed on the forms. Missing line numbers were not used.]

The following are the full word column headings as printed and numbered on the census form, page 412: 

  1. Number of the family as given in column numbered 2 - Schedule 1 [census].      
  2. Name of the Person deceased.      
  3. Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus - 3/12. If under one month, give days in fractions, thus - 4/30.      
  4. Sex - Male (M) Female (F).     
  5. Color--White (W), Black (B), Mulatto (Mu), Chinese (C), Indian (I).      
  6. Single, / . [Note: replaced slash mark (/) with an S]      
  7. Married, / . [Note: replaced slash mark (/) with an M]      
  8. Widowed, / , Divorced, D. [Note: replaced slash mark (/) with a W]      
  9. Place of Birth of this person, naming the State or Territory of U. S., or the Country, if of foreign birth.
  10. Where was the father of this person born? (As in Column 9.)      
  11. Where was the mother of this person born? (As in Column 9.)      
  12. Profession, Occupation or Trade. (Not to be asked in respect to persons under 10 years of age.)      
  13. The month in which the person died. [Remark: During the time period 1 June 1884 to 31 May 1885.]
  14. Disease or cause of death.      
  15. How long a resident of the county? If less than 1 year, state months in fractions, thus - 5/12.      
  16. If the disease was not contracted at place of death, state the place.      
  17. Name of attending Physician.

    [Remarks: The information in columns 18-23 was recorded in the schedule, but in three other tables. The columns were added to include the information.]

  18. Place where the family of the deceased resided June 1, 1885:  Town
  19. County
  20. State
  21. Primary Cause of death from page 413. Immediate cause had no entries.
  22. Signature of the Attending Physician.
  23. Remarks of Enumerator.
  24. Remarks of Transcriber.
The words "See page..." refer to the census page where this person's family was enumerated.

In the second column listing the attending physician, he was supposed to attest to the cause of death with his signature. However the signatures appear to have been written by the same person who wrote the entire schedule and signed the name of W. R. Sanders.

In line 28, the cause of death was written "Cho" followed by a superscript "l" and then "infamtion" or "infamtism". The meaning of this word is unknown to us. The cause was dittoed for lines 29 and 30.

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