In 1968 the Brevard Chapter of The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Society was formed. The Charter Members were:

 Evelyn M. (Mrs. Carl F.) Bley, Merritt Island

 Donna (Mrs. Joel G.) Brinkle, Cocoa

 Gladys (Mrs. I. A.) Burnaman, Cocoa

 Russeline S. (Mrs.) Clifton, Merritt Island

 Evelyn H. (Mrs. Joe A.) Cowart, Cocoa

 Joe A. Cowart, Jr., Cocoa

 Dorothy W. (Mrs. J. M.) Ellington, Cocoa

 Mary M. (Mrs. I. J.) Ellington, Cocoa

 Irene A. (Mrs. Tom) Fogarty, Merritt Island

 Lillian H. (Mrs. Earl) Hayes, Titusville

 Duane B. Martin, Merritt Island

 Marjorie M. (Mrs. Duane B.) Martin, Merritt Island

 Mildred (Mrs. Otto) Powers, Titusville

 Mrs. R. E. Stokes, Merritt Island

 Dorothy M. Stratton, Merritt Island

 Patricia Stratton, Merritt Island

The name was changed to the Brevard Genealogical Society on 11 February 1975, and bylaws were adopted. On 13 November 1989, Articles of Incorporation were filed and the Society became "Brevard Genealogical Society, Inc.", a not-for-profit corporation, effective 1 January 1990.

Then and Now

Society Name
The Southern Genealogist’s
Exchange Society - Brevard Chapter
Brevard Genealogical Society, Inc.
130 plus
2nd Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
2nd Monday 9:30 a.m.
$20 single / $25 couple

Membership 25 Years and Over

 Edith J. Fisher 1971
 James C. Fulton 1972
TC & Thana Cottrell 1977
Joan Bullard 1987