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Google Account Help

Did you know?

A Google Account and a Gmail address are not the same thing.  If you have a Gmail address, you automatically have a Google Account.  But you can also set up a Google Account using any email address, i.e.,,,, etc...

To Set up a Google Account

  1. Go to Google Accounts 

  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter your Email address or set up a Gmail address (it's up to you)

  4. Type a password

  5. Type it again

  6.  List a date of birth (only you and Google know what it is)

  7. Select your gender from the drop down menu

  8. Enter your mobile phone number (Optional, but recommended as a security feature.)

  9. Enter your current email address
  10. Type in the letters in the Security Verification (yes, they are hard to read -- deliberately)

  11. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (each opens in a new window)

  12. Click the blue "Next Step" button

  13. Provide either your mobile or home phone number so Google can verify your account. They will either call or text you -- it is your choice.

  14. Wait to receive the authorization code.

  15. Add the code and you are all set.

This verifies your email address and activates your Google Account.

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